Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carbon Tax: Prescription for tyranny

Upon first sight this headline may sound ridiculous. But let us consider for a moment what carbon is.

As you read this, though you probably are not thinking about it, you are breathing. You need to realize as you do this, you are exhaling CO2. Humans produce Carbon without driving SUVs. This is undeniable. A 9th grade biology student could tell you this simple fact, but the majority of the public think that a Carbon Tax will save the World.

If human respiration produces carbon dioxide, and if Carbon is taxed; then, a CARBON TAX IS A TAX ON LIFE.

Now visit this website to find out that the purveyors of this tripe want to kill you. A Carbon tax is their first step.

If an "optimum" population number exists, then who is to decide what it is? (Answer: Power Hungry Control Freaks)

Cogitate on this. UK birth rate is 1.66 per woman aka per family. Now if it takes 2 people to create 1.66 then the UK population is decreasing by 17%. If this is the case, as the numbers suggest that it is, then the website above wants to decrease the population faster than is NATURALLY occurring .

But who will chose the people that can not reproduce?

From 1928 to 1933, Stalin decided that it would be the peasants.

In Germany in the early 1940s, Hitler decided it would be the Jews.

Mao was more egalitarian during his execution of population control from 1958 to 1960. China not only has continued this, but they have now made it law. Just look at China's one child policy.

Population Control at its most basic level is EUGENICS- Social engineering theory derived from the ideas of Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin, and Thomas Huxley.

This time everyone in the world will feel population control, so to speak. If you accept the proposition of a Carbon Tax, you will eventually think that population must be controlled. When you believe that the number of people in the world must be controlled, you too will accept a one child policy.

By ascribing to such a policy, you have already given up your right to have a family. Eventually, the power that be will tell you that you can not have any children at all.

Any Government that limits the number of your progeny is TYRANNICAL.

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