Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Economic Warfare against the US

The onslaught has begun. The elite are waging economic warfare to bring down the US republic. (We have been the strongest nation on earth. The only one that would be able to defend the remanding of the world. The elite believe that the US must be reduced to servitude so that we cannot engage the slave masters in this struggle).

The US dollar has been destroyed in less than seven years. The Republicans, which unfortunately I helped vote into office, have not only allowed this but have engineered it.

Look at the dollar compared to gold, silver, Euro and the British pound. The American currency has been dealt a death blow. Your dollar savings account has murdered your possible retirement.

Will you grand parents have to go back to work to keep from becoming indigent?

Now recall the comments by George Soros from 2003. He bet that the dollar would decline against gold, Euros, and (who would of thunk it) the Canadian dollar.

Well if you think this is bad news for the Republicans, then this will hurt worse. George W(hat a loser) Bush has not only picked Hillary as taking the Democratic party nominee but also he has been "giving Hillary advice" about the up coming election.

Be aware tyranny is upon us. More up dates to come.

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