Sunday, September 30, 2007

Police Officers: The New "Button" Men

Just recently there has been an Epidemic Of Police Brutality & Harassment. None of this can be contested. The videos clearly display it for all to see.
When the police are not breaking the arms of young girls they are threatening to plant evidence on innocent civilians.

But the media shells for the authorities by minimizing their tyrannical actions. They make it sound as if the girl fought with the police, when in fact the officer assaulted her. Adding insult to injury, the poor girl is charged with assaulting the officer.

The AP's article that discusses the evidence-planting cop suggests that the officer only berated the motorist if you just read the article's title. Watch the video again. The officer unmistakably threatens to plant evidence on him much like this news article describes.

If you think your position within the society would preclude you from such abuse consider the Air Force police officer who was shot by the police multiple times for following the patrolman's instructions.

Or consider the councilman who was attacked by a sheriff, while leaving a council meeting. The gentleman had only dared to bring up the problem of police corruption in the area. A poll shows that 25% of respondents do not think that the police went far enough.

Or think about the Chicago vice sqaud officer who had been stealing from drug dealers and attempted to put a contract on one of his fellow officers. For 20 years they have been torturing confessions out of people.

There are good police out there, however, the wall of blue makes it seem as if the good guys are willing to protect the bad ones. If this continues, not even the police are safe. Stand up. Not even women would allow this to happen. Ask yourselves, "Are you mice or are you men?"

Will you stand up to unjust authority?

If you do not, your children will feel the chains of tyranny not only on their ankles and wrists but on their minds.

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